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“Growing the team globally was a priority for the company, and ServiceRocket has helped us do that with a team of bright, technical people, who are self-sufficient, hit their goals and push Atlassian to a higher level.”

Wayne Tombo
Director of Support Operations, Atlassian


The Enterprise Technology Company Challenge

Studies show that over 80% of customers switch vendors within 24 months.

At the same time, the average churn rate for tech support approaches 45% with vacancies reaching 51 days.

How do you increase your CSAT and NPS, and continuously lower your incidents per user at a time when global customers are getting more demanding and finding and keeping skilled tech support people is getting harder and more expensive each day?

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The Emerging Technology Company Challenge

For small to mid-sized tech companies, accelerating growth rate comes only through customer retention.

Studies show that top quartile performers realize 14.3% net revenue churn compared to average performers due to their exceptional ability to retain customers.

How do you scale to offer your enterprise customers the world-class 24X7 global, advanced technical support they expect—in a matter of weeks rather than months?

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