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Mirantis is a cloud building company with over $100M in revenue that provides cloud experiences on any infrastructure from the data center to the edge.

mirantis logo in teal color. is a SaaS company that brings together agile methodology, DevOps & application security into one intelligent value stream mapping software platform, creating greater business value faster, and delivering secure digital experiences their customers trust.

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Mattermost provides enterprise grade messaging solutions for organizations on an open-source platform. With it's 100+ employees and over $10M in Annual Revenue, Mattermost offers messaging solutions across web, phone, and personal computers with archiving, search, and deep integrations across in-house systems.

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We know what it takes to deliver tech and human support that exceeds expectations

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve proven that dependable support is critical to software platform growth.

“We are definitely thankful for ServiceRocket.
They’ve allowed us to expand our support organization and meet our customer needs.”

- Wayne Tombo
Director of Support Operations Atlassian

Your Journey to Excellence
Assess & Strategize

You want happy customers

Your customers are our customers
A tailor-made tech support solution


That requires responsive support
with a human touch

Technology and humans aligned for a seamless customer experience


Which leads to retention

Superior engineering talent that gets the job done


That Leads to growth

And a partner who understands how to scale as you grow

Your Journey
to Excellence
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You want happy customers

Your customers are our customers. We provide tailor-made support

Assess &

We align technology and humans for a seamless customer experience

That requires responsive support with a human touch

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Which leads to retention

Superior engineering talent that gets the job done

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That leads to growth

As a partner, we know how to scale as you grow.

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We learn your company culture and brand voice so that your customers feel like they are talking directly to you.

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Team Immersion

We’ve strategically positioned our offices around the world.

Palo Alto, CA, USA; Sydney Australia;  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Santiago, Chile; London, England; Singapore, Singapore; Toronto, Canada; Bengaluru, India. 

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We create a knowledge base management in your preferred tool and continuously curate it, so it becomes an effective tool for cost deflection and quick access to essential information.

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Knowledge Base Management Creation and Curation

To drive revenue growth, our partnership focuses on continuous process improvement to increase product adoption and customer retention. As business grows, support operations can easily scale and transform support into a profit center.

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Growth Partner

We offer full and part time worldwide support coverage to your customers in their preferred medium, email, chat, screen-share, knowledge center, and online communities.

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Multiple Support Channels

ServiceRocket is committed to providing a secure, yet open information environment that protects the integrity and confidentiality of information without compromising access and availability.

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Protected and Secure
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“I don't often do this so publicly, but it is worth doing to acknowledge the fantastic support I have been getting from Andy Quah, Ray Wang, Yi Ming, and a number of people behind them. They have been actively helping with a major banking organization here in Australia and whilst we still have some way to go, their engagement has been instrumental in us making headway resolving the issues experienced. This in turn has led to growing confidence that where customers are experiencing issues - however, small or large - I can refer them to Ray & Andy and we can get a ready turn-around in response back to the customer. Thus actively demonstrating in "deed" and not just words, that we really do put the customer first."
EJ La Fontaine

VP & Region Director APAC, Mirantis Inc.

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“I spoke with Jacque at Jabil yesterday and she mentioned they had a prod issue they ran into over the weekend. She said it was great support the entire time and they had nothing but positive feedback about your support engineers on the case. Her management reinforced this message with me as well. Just wanted to send along to say thanks for all the help getting them healthy and stable again."
Tom Benton

VP Northeast Region, Mirantis Inc

Build a World-Class Support organization that delivers Revenue Growth.

Transform support from a cost center to a revenue generator without increasing costs.

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