Do You Have your Customer’s Attention?

Traditional marketing often falls short of attracting eyeballs. What gets attention? Great technical support.
Do You Have your Customer’s Attention?

Have you noticed? There’s an overwhelming amount of online marketing out there. This noisy marketplace has raised the stakes for both B2C and B2B marketers; it’s especially challenging for companies who target the competitive technology sector. 

As a result, prospecting often feels like a shot in the dark. 

In response, businesses have shifted. A 2018 survey conducted for Oracle reports that 49% of marketers planned to increase their focus on customer experience, and for good reason. Companies are focused on creating a better customer experience through a more effective technical support strategy. 

More than ever, support matters
Why has quality technical support emerged as the answer to our overly-saturated information age? The answer is simple: proximity matters. Here’s what we mean.

While people ignore traditional advertising efforts, they continue to evaluate products and work with tech support out of necessity. At the same time, high-quality technical customer service is increasingly important in pre-sales and in maintaining customer satisfaction and retention. 

It’s clear that a failure to provide quality technical support can negatively impact retention. According to global professional services firm Genpact, companies that failed to meet customer expectations saw a decrease in customer satisfaction scores and a resulting 35% drop in repeat purchases. 

Effective technical support is now a crucial source of revenue that goes beyond retention.

Companies understand that growth is driven by the quality of their customer experience. Rather than shouldering the burden alone, modern sales and marketing teams must work hand-in-hand with support to generate opportunities for growth. 

Collaboration generates better outcomes
Working together, sales and support can create a thorough assessment of each client’s needs. The process requires insights from both teams: 

  • Your technical support team brings a personal relationship with the prospect or client, along with a deep understanding of their needs and areas of potential improvement. 
  • Meanwhile, your sales team brings its strategic know-how into making the sale. This is where a high level of cooperation from both teams makes a difference, a process that requires open and transparent cross-functional communication. 

Once support has developed a customer relationship, they can help sales build a tailored experience to meet their needs. In this way, focusing on the customer experience builds  long-term customer satisfaction—the key to client retention and revenue growth.

A strategy that delights the customer

A solid customer experience-focused strategy allows companies to utilize support interactions and create growth opportunities. Key to this strategy is a technical support team that knows how to delight the customer and is savvy enough to recognize opportunity. This journey requires expertise and tech-enabled services that support exceptional customer experiences. 

At ServiceRocket, we can help you design and deliver a thoughtful technical support experience, one that aligns with your marketing strategy to provide a personalized customer journey. Schedule a call to learn how we help companies turn technical support into growth drivers.

Extended Support™ by ServiceRocket is an advanced technical support service that allows emerging tech companies to remain 100% focused on maintaining their product velocity while outpacing global customer demand. Unlike internal support teams that are extremely expensive and time consuming to scale, Extended Support™ by ServiceRocket scales to provide 24X7 global support in a matter of weeks with no additional budget requirement.

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