Tech Support’s Dynamic Role in Driving Revenue

Technical support provides an invaluable opportunity to engage customers and drive revenue growth.
Tech Support’s Dynamic Role in Driving Revenue
Cloud. AI. IoT. Omni-channel...

Technology continues to redefine how we work and live. In response, companies are generating a constant flow of new products and services. That momentum has created a highly-competitive environment in which to acquire and retain customers, which impacts revenue as well as company growth

Is it Time to Rethink your Global Customer Support?

Is your tech support team spending too much time... Are you looking to turn support into a profit center? Our whitepaper, Rethinking Global Customer Support, provides a fresh take on how to win, retain, and grow accounts with better technical support. Here are some of the strategies outlined in this timely whitepaper. 

The Power of Having a Knowledge Base

An easily searchable knowledge base will help your customers service themselves. That’s key to preserving your precious support resources. A knowledge base points customers to readily available online resources, reducing the amount of support tickets that make it to each of your support team members. Your team will have more time to focus on more complex issues that negatively impact your customer’s product experience. The more of these higher propensity issues that can be addressed the happier your customer base will be and less likely they will be to churn when it comes time to renew their subscriptions, retaining your ARR.

The Value of Educating your Customers 

Educating your customers is the best way, as our white paper points out, for new users to “reach the full potential ROI [your] software may provide” and to drive product adoption. One of the best ways to educate your customers is with quality online training. Our whitepaper explains how “training also highlights the solutions the software is supposed to provide. Software is implemented by companies in order to solve an issue the company is trying to fix [... and] users are more likely to adopt new systems if they recognize how it will benefit them” (Rethinking Global Customer Support). ServiceRocket’s LearnDot management system has all the tools you need to drive customer education and training success. Click here to find out more about LearnDot.

The Advantage of Technology 

Better technical support transforms what was once a cost center into a source of revenue growth. It opens the door to customer engagement and meaningful conversations that support a number of key metrics:

  • Customer retention
  • Software adoption within customer accounts
  • Demonstration of ROI
  • Cross-selling
  • Contract renewals 

With technology your support leaders can triage support tickets to the appropriate level, L1, L2, or L3, and save your team and customer’s valuable time. With technology, like an A.I. chatbot, the simplest and the most repetitive customer questions can be deflected to an online knowledge base that enables your customer to self-serve. Which in turn saves your company money and frees your team members time so they can serve the more challenging and in depth issues that arise. With technology a leader can pull reports on each of their team members and coach them on how to resolve tickets faster or see the progress the entire team has made towards their SMART goals. Embracing technological advances will help your support organization evolve and drive the retention of your hard earned customer base.

Augment Your Support with an Experienced Partner

The challenge support leaders have of implementing the four above listed strategies is finding the time to do the work. Support often has a fixed budget to run their organization (a small percentage of revenues) and “when pressed to deliver on specified Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and metrics, [they] tend to want to throw more headcount at the problem” (Rethinking Global Customer Support). However, hiring qualified resources is hard enough and keeping them long enough to benefit fully from the cost of hiring is even harder. 

Instead, a better approach is to use the budget that is freed up when a support agent leaves, to work with a partner that can deliver on all the above mentioned strategies: provide training and advanced support, help you build and manage a knowledge base, and provide workforce management services, so you don’t have to. “A blended approach of using an outside partner enables software companies to ‘smooth out’ the peaks and valleys of over and under-utilization of support resources and gain better output for the same budget” (Rethinking Global Customer Support).

At ServiceRocket, we understand the business of support. Extended Support offers to help companies design and deliver a thoughtful technical support experience that enables your team to do better, with less stress. Whether you are in need of full or part time resources we’ll help you fill the gaps in your company’s support offering. We’ll also provide support engineering talent sourcing, hiring, and training that saves you time and money. Get a free consultation with our support experts.

Extended Support™ by ServiceRocket is an advanced technical support service that allows emerging tech companies to remain 100% focused on maintaining their product velocity while outpacing global customer demand. Unlike internal support teams that are extremely expensive and time consuming to scale, Extended Support™ by ServiceRocket scales to provide 24X7 global support in a matter of weeks with no additional budget requirement.


Tech Support’s Dynamic Role in Driving Revenue

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