The Promise of Seamless Technical Support Is Here

It’s a winning combination: tech-enabled services and omni-channel support create a seamless user experience.
The Promise of Seamless Technical Support Is Here

What do all of your end users—from Gen Z to Baby Boomers—have in common? They’re hungry for great technical support. The question is, are you ready to serve their divergent needs and meet them where they are? 

The emergence of omni-channel support, combined with tech-enabled services, gives you the means to meet your customer’s expectations and delivers exceptional technical support. 

More than a high-tech buzzword
As a fully integrated support system, omni-channel support is capable of directing customers to what they want and how that information is delivered, including their preferred mode of communication.

In essence, omni-channel support is a reflection of human behavior. 

Humans want options. According to McKinsey, more than half of customers use between three and five channels to answer a question or make a purchase. 

Depending on the customer’s needs, an omni-channel strategy may encompass online live chat, text, video, social media, as well as in-app support.

For example, some customers expect immediate answers to their questions on a 24/7 basis. Others may prefer live customer support. Omni-channel allows companies to proactively meet the demands of every customer, with the help of human-centric technology, or what we refer to as tech-enabled services. 

The value of tech-enabled services

The transition between omni-channels must be frictionless.

Your customers want a holistic support experience. Yet that can be a complex task for tech companies. That’s where tech-enabled services come in.

Tech-enabled services provide more effective services through the thoughtful use of technology. In the area of support, this is achieved with the use of AI, bots and mindful design. Bots have the potential to benefit both the end user and support person. Here’s how: 

  • For the end user: Bots use AI to answer questions such as, “I can’t log in,” by directing users through well-designed, self-service solutions.

  • For the support agent: AI quickly provides documents and resources that the agent can select to help resolve the issue.  

The above example reflects the strengths of an omni-channel approach that relies on thoughtful technology: it allows the end user and team member to work together to solve a problem, in real time. Seamless sorting means customer support agents can dedicate their efforts to difficult queries and customers who truly need live support, while smart, tech-enabled services ensure customer service is available around the clock, even when agents are out of the office. 

In these cases, technology is used to enable and simplify valuable human outcomes and create a faster, more personalized experience that facilitates self-service solutions. At ServiceRocket, we see firsthand how such tech-enabled services can shorten time to resolution. 

We think of this as “time to satisfaction,” both for end users and support teams. 

Tech-enabled support services are essential as tech companies recognize the role that satisfied customers play in their revenue growth.

Fulfilling the promise of better support 
Automated processes and resources may never fully replace the responsive interaction that only humans can provide, nor should they. And while anyone can build a bot, only thoughtful tech solutions can reduce stress, increase productivity and ensure high rates of customer satisfaction. 

With our years of experience developing learning solutions and delivering extended support, ServiceRocket is well suited to build tech-enabled services that serve your company and your customers, now and in the long run. Schedule a call to learn more about how we can help.

Extended Support™ by ServiceRocket is an advanced technical support service that allows emerging tech companies to remain 100% focused on maintaining their product velocity while outpacing global customer demand. Unlike internal support teams that are extremely expensive and time-consuming to scale, Extended Support™ by ServiceRocket scales to provide 24X7 global support in a matter of weeks with no additional budget requirement.

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